Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A heartwarming moment in this increasingly divided world

Aachen (Germany)

A short but sweet memory from my time in Aachen came flooding back to me today and I wanted to share it. Whilst working in a primary school, I was asked to help a group of girls choreograph a dance for parents' evening.

We found a free classroom and I told the five pupils to move the tables from the centre of the room to clear some space. I used the verb 'bewegen' which was the only one I knew for 'move'.

"What, like this?" asked a cheeky nine year old, rattling a table.

"You know what she means!" cried another one sternly, immediately setting to work. "Ausraeumen!"

My heart went out to the second girl. At a time when the world seems intent on dividing itself, when racist attacks are on the rise, it is worth remembering this girl's actions. She didn't feel prejudice towards me. She didn't blame me for not knowing the language. Instead she had the guts to stand up for me and help me.

Be this girl. Stand up for others. Don't let hate triumph.

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