Sunday, 18 December 2016

The strangest thing I ate in Germany

Aachen (Germany) - July (continued)


  On my second weekend in Germany, Silke and I went to stay with her parents near Frankfurt. On the Saturday afternoon, I joined Silke’s mother and their gorgeous border collie on a walk.The path led directly from their house past fields and meadows bathed in warm sun. After about half an hour, we came to a sparkling lake where a fisherman sat.
“Found anything?” Silke’s mum asked brightly.
“I just caught this actually,” replied the fisherman holding up a foot long eel. “Do you want it?”
I was slightly horrified but Silke’s mum appeared delighted. The fisherman slit the eel’s throat and placed it in a plastic bag. I spent the rest of the walk next to a woman gaily swinging an eel-filled plastic bag which was slowly filling up with blood.
I sat at dinner that evening valiantly working my way through a rather unusual tasting pie when Silke’s mother said, “you know that eel we were given today?...”
“Uh oh!” I thought as it dawned on me what I was eating. The adventurers amongst you, I’m sure, relish the prospect of trying new exciting foods. This stick-in-the-mud, however, is much happier keeping to what she knows and likes. I’m only glad that I discovered the contents of the pie when I had almost finished eating my slice. And no, I didn't want any more thank you!

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